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Our Mission
To work with area governments to build a community boathouse facility south of Key Bridge in Rosslyn. The Boathouse will offer an important new point of access for local citizens to appreciate and enjoy the Potomac is one of the area's most precious natural and recreational resources as well as:

  • Create public access to the Potomac River in Arlington County.
  • Establish a home for the rowing programs of Arlington's three public high schools.
  • Provide water access for other area schools and non-motorized boaters.
  • Offer ecological and environmental education opportunities on the Potomac River.

Arlington Boathouse Update

Spring, 2014

2014 Update: Arlington County Board Approves Acquisition of Lee Highway Property along Potomac River.

The acquisition of this site marks significant progress toward the goal of designating a site for non-motorized Potomac River access in Arlington. The Arlington Boathouse Foundation will continue to build a broad base of support for a public facility that strengthens environmental and historical stewardship with increased recreational opportunity.


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