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Spring, 2014

2014 Update: Arlington County Board Approves Acquisition of Lee Highway Property along Potomac River.

The acquisition of this site marks significant progress toward the goal of designating a site for non-motorized Potomac River access in Arlington. The Arlington Boathouse Foundation will continue to build a broad base of support for a public facility that strengthens environmental and historical stewardship with increased recreational opportunity.

Summer, 2013

Draft National Park Service EIS is expected to be released by the end of 2013, or early 2014.

Winter, 2012-2013

Over the past summer the National Park Service solicited additional comments from the public regarding options for siting the Arlington Community Boathouse and providing access to the Potomac River for rowing and paddling. The Service is now reviewing the responses received from individuals and organizations. It is anticipated that a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be released for public comment in the first half of 2013. That draft should identify one or more preferred boathouse sites on which a future Arlington facility could be built.

Thanks to all who responded and communicated to the Park Service their views on the various sites under consideration! We will update this web site to inform you whenever the National Park Service EIS draft is released.

Summer, 2012 Update

The National Park Service has re-initiated the EIS (link to complete NPS announcement) process, first started in 2004, for the Arlington County Non-Motorized Boathouse Facility with the goal of studying identified sites for a boathouse facility. The period began on July 2nd, and runs through August 31st.

A public open house will be held on July 24th at Washington-Lee Hs. (1301 N. Stafford St., Arlington) from 6:30-8:30pm.

The NPS is accepting written comments at the event and by mail. The Boathouse Foundation strongly encourages you to share your thoughts with the NPS. Submit your comments electronically HERE. Or you can submit written comments by mail to:

Attn: Arlington Boathouse EIS
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Turkey Run Park Headquarters
McLean, VA 22101

March 25, 2011 Update: As of early 2011 the National Park Service has not yet released the Environmental Impact Statement.

January 27, 2007  --  The Arlington County Board approved the General Land Use Plan designation for 1101 Lee Highway from "Public" to "Low" Office-Apartment-Hotel, rezoned the property from "S-3A Special Districts to "C-O-1.0" Commercial Office Building, Hotel and Apartment, and denied Site Plan SP #394 for approximately 70 dwelling units.  The applicant has filed a lawsuit contesting the decision.

County Manager Recommendations  (January 27, 2007) -- "While the subject site is not specifically identified in the PSMP (Public Spaces Master Plan October 2005) it is integral to achieving one of the recommendations of the PSMP for a boathouse facility.  Any development on the site should be designed in such a way as to not preclude development of a boathouse facility in the general vicinity of the site.

The National Park Service has not yet released the Environmental Impact Statement for Arlington County and Vicinity Rowing Facility initiated in 2004.

May 24, 2006 Update:  The Arlington Boathouse draft assessment has not yet been released; however the National Park Service has prepared an Environmental Assessment to analyze impacts associated with the construction of a proposed boathouse by Georgetown University on the Potomac River in Georgetown.   Section 4.6 addresses three potential projects: 1) the proposed Arlington County Boathouse, 2) the proposed George Washington University Boathouse and 3) the proposed Georgetown Waterfront Park.

The National Park Service issued a contract to HTNB on January 30, 2004 to conduct a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study of four potential boathouse sites on the Virginia shore of the Potomac River.  Two are located on or near the Rosslyn shoreline.   The third location is south of the CSX/14th Street bridges and the fourth is on Daingerfield Island in Alexandria.  Each site was found to be feasible for a potential boathouse in the 2002 NPS study entitled Facility & Site Analysis for a Boathouse on the Potomac River in Arlington County and Vicinity.  The 2002 analysis was initiated specifically at the request of Congress for assessing a potential site for a boathouse within Arlington County along the Potomac River.  A draft assessment was expected to be completed by summer 2005.   The draft is now expected by the end of September 2005.

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