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A Good Idea

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"Rosslyn...Access to the Potomac River virtually doubles the amount of public space that Arlingtonians can enjoy.
Recommendation - Ensure River Access Arlington County is a community bordered by a major river, with unfortunately relatively little river access...The County should strive to increase access for the community, utilizing a variety of strategies and partnerships as necessary to do so."
- 2005 Arlington County Public Spaces Master Plan

"...such a facility would provide a major, new recreational option for county residents." - Arlington Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee, 1996

"Arlington should be allowed to sensibly develop a small tract (on the Potomac River bank) that will give its citizens a better chance to enjoy this under utilized resource." - Northern Virginia Sun, 1996

"For too many years Arlington citizens have been denied the full use of the Potomac waterfront." - 1991 Arlington Economic Development Commision

"By encouraging more public use of the rivers...[we] will not only accomodate a popular recreational activity, but...part of an educational process...for the preservation and protection of these river resources for generations to come." -1989 National Park Service Study

"Improved access to the Potomac River could provide more recreational opportunities for citizens and greatly enhance the identity of Arlington." - 1986 Commision on Arlington's Future

"Our goal must be to return it closer to its traditional role as a focus of commercial, social and recreati onal life and as the great waterway that once inspired the choice of this site as the National Capital." - The Potomac: A Report on Its Imperiled Future and a Guide for its Orderly Development, 1967

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