The Potomac Conservancy is hosting a “riverside chat” about the boathouse project and you are invited to attend! Spend some quality time by the river to hear and talk about the project and our beautiful Potomac riverfront. In addition to the Conservancy and members of the Foundation, members of the Arlington County Parks and Recs team will also be present.

When: Tuesday, April 25th from Noon till 1 PM.

Where: Theodore Roosevelt parking lot

Bring your walking shoes and a healthy interest in this exciting project!

Rain date: April 27th.

Here is the official announcement from the Potomac Conservancy:

A boathouse near Theodore Roosevelt Island?

Speakers: Erik Meyers, President, Arlington Boat House Foundation

Rowers slice through the Potomac River’s water early in the morning and late at night as teams practice on one of the best rivers in the nation for this popular water sport. Georgetown has long been a bustling scene for the rowing community. Finally, demand to accommodate more rowing access on the Potomac River has yielded a project that will provide much more than just another boathouse. A unique partnership among Arlington County, the National Park Service, and community organizations has resulted in the plans for Arlington Community Boathouse (ACB). Join Erik Meyers, President, Arlington Boat House Foundation, along this stretch of the Potomac to hear about the new boathouse (first in this area of Northern Virginia) that also aims to create a space for outdoor learning and more inclusive river access for all.