Our Mission

To work with the Arlington County government and National Park Service to build a community boathouse facility downriver from Key Bridge in Rosslyn. The Arlington Community Boathouse will offer an important new point of access for community members to appreciate and enjoy the Potomac as one of the area's most precious natural and recreational resources.


We are working to:

Create public access

to the Potomac River in Arlington County.

Establish a home

for the rowing programs of Arlington's public high schools

Host programs

with a variety of paddling and rowing opportunites for adults and youths

Ecological and environment education

Offered education opportunities on the Potomac River


The Arlington Boathouse Coalition is a local coalition comprised of alumni of the Arlington high school rowing programs, their parents and neighbors, and others who believe in the idea of Arlington access to the Potomac River.

The Arlington Boathouse Foundation, registered with the State Corporation Commission in 1991, is a legal entity that has been established to receive and disburse money in support of an Arlington Community Boathouse.