The Arlington Boathouse Foundation looks forward to helping to restore and maintain the native plant communities along the Rosslyn shoreline as an integral aspect of the proposed Arlington Community Boathouse. Healthy natural plant cover – including trees, bushes and forbs – not only improves and maintains water quality, but also provides important wildlife and fisheries habitat. Unfortunately, in addition to vegetation native to the Mid-Atlantic Region, the area is extensively covered with invasive non-native plants and needs restoration, as does much of the Potomac’s forested shoreline.

The Foundation conducted a vegetation survey of the area with the help of a team of volunteer Virginia Master Naturalists. We appreciate their dedication and work, which was carried out from December 2021 to September 2022. The vegetation survey has been shared with Arlington County.  We hope that the information will be helpful in guiding future in-depth site assessments, as well as tree protection and native plant enhancement following the boathouse facilities construction. In the interim, we are cooperating with the County and others to reduce the presence of harmful invasive plants. Please note that the plant survey locations are approximate.

Here is a link to the report: ACB Vegetation Survey 9 26 2022